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Each year, Narrandera High School has teams competing around the region in debating. Our students have been successful in local competitions as well as in participating in State Debating events.
The Teams
In each age group we usually enter 1-2 teams, based on student interest. Each team has 3 speaking members, and 1 non-speaking advisor.
Although decisions about the make up of the team are ultimately the responsibility of the Debating Coordinator and/or the Head Teacher English, we are very mindful of encouraging participation and we do rank giving every interested student the chance to debate as one of our priorities.
The Debates
In this competition, the debate topics are revealed only 1 hour before the debate, and so teams have only 60 minutes to prepare their arguments before then speaking in front of a live audience and adjudicator.
The Skills
The benefits of debating for all students are many. It is an exciting opportunity to develop  powers in persuasive argument and public speaking. It gives students a chance to show off their general knowledge, and an opportunity to meet other students in local schools.





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